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Chocolate Caramel Dipped Pretzel Rods

Chocolate Caramel Dipped Pretzel Rods This is a very easy and popular treat for giving or selling. Pretzel rods are dipped and rolled in a variety of ingredients to make your special creation...


Bag of pretzel rods
1 lb of caramel (available at Bakers Rack)
1 lb Milk chocolate
1 lb Dark chocolate
1 lb White chocolate
chopped nuts, toffee bits, granola, etc..about 3 cups (optional)
sheet of parchment paper


Lay out a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet.
Work the entire pound of caramel into a tall plastic glass, tupperware-type works good, and microwave for 1 min or until melted. Do not over heat.

Melt the milk, dark and white chocolates in separate bowls also in the microwave. You may choose to use only one or two of the chocolates.

Have the chopped nuts heaped in a plate or pan. Stick the pretzel rod down into the cup of caramel all the way and pull out, scraping the caramel off the rod in several places. You should have just 2 inches for holding on to without caramel. Immediantly roll into the pile of nuts until coated all around and lay on the parchment paper. You may lay just the caramel covered pretzel with no nuts on the parchment paper also.

When all pretzels have been dipped, using a different spoon for each kind of chocolate, drizzle the milk, dark and white chocolate over all the pretzels. You may also choose to just dip the rods in the milk chocolate then drizzle the dark and white.

If you don't roll the caramel in nuts then dipping the pretzel in the milk chocolate is recommended.

We have cello pretzel bags to individually wrap each pretzel or bags for several pretzels together.

Rold Gold Brand of Pretzels will fit into these bags well.