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When you need perfect color and hi holding power for the outdoor summer event

No butter in this recipe gives it the option of being a decorating icing, use for piping on the cake, including roses and the like. Use less milk for stiffer results.
This frosting dyes a true color with great staying power.


1 c. Hi-ratio shortening- save the Crisco brand for frying!
2 lb. bag of powdered sugar- sift for piping
1/2 cup milk- adjust for humidity and stiffness by keeping out 2 T. and adding later if necessary
1 t. clear vanilla flavoring
1/2 t. clear butter flavoring
1/4 t. salt


This recipe can be doubled.
Mix half the bag of sugar with the other ingredients on low until blended, then add the rest of the sugar. Beat on hi for 8 - 10 minutes. Keep covered to prevent drying while working.
To make roses or if you need really stiff icing- just keep out more sugar or use less milk.