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Thin Mint Cookies

These very easy to make cookies that do not need to be baked!
They taste just like (or better) than the girl scout version.


Dark Chocolate-available at Bakers Rack-1 lb will make 35
Peppermint oil-available at Bakers Rack
Ritz Crackers
Parchment paper
Each sleeve of crackers will make 35 cookies, 140 per box.
4 lbs of chocolate will dip the whole box.


Melt chocolate in a bowl in a warm oven (150) or microwave for 1 min,stir,then 30 sec,stirring to melt. Then stir in 10-15 drops of peppermint oil per lb of chocolate- Or to taste. Stir well. Drop one cracker at a time into melted chocolate,making sure all sides are coated. Use a dipping fork to remove,tap off excess chocolate and place on parchment paper to cool.

Drizzle contrasting colored chocolate over the tops for dazzling effect, or sprinkle fun shapes over the tops. Store at room temp.